The most straigtforward way of installing FlowPrint is via pip

pip install flowprint

If you wish to stay up to date with the latest development version, you can instead download the source code. In this case, make sure that you have all the required dependencies installed.


Tshark should always be installed, see tshark.


FlowPrint requires the following python packages to be installed:

All dependencies should be automatically downloaded if you install FlowPrint via pip. However, should you want to install these libraries manually, you can install the dependencies using the requirements.txt file

pip install -r requirements.txt

Or you can install these libraries yourself

pip install -U cryptography matplotlib networkx numpy pandas pyshark scikit-learn


Tshark is required for both the raw tshark backend and the pyshark backend. You can install tshark as a stand alone, but it also comes with the wireshark installation. On ubuntu you can install tshark using

sudo apt install tshark


sudo apt install wireshark

To test whether tshark is active and in your path, please run

tshark --version

Which should output the current version you are running.


When tshark is not installed, FlowPrint will give a warning message because it tries to use tshark as a backend by default. If tshark cannot be found it falls back on pyshark, which is a lot slower.